Code of Conduct

Greenleaf Services, Inc. employees are at the forefront of each project on a day to day basis and in turn are the company ambassadors to every patient, loved one, family member and employee of our client. This “Code of Conduct” represents the values which are the heart and soul of Greenleaf Services Inc.  The following core values are the key principals from which Greenleaf Services Inc. have been forged


  • Be responsible for your own actions and the actions of other employees under your supervision.
  • Take the extra steps to correct mistakes or defects.
  • Be a leader and promote teamwork by holding each other accountable for their actions and behavior.


  • Always comply with all federal, state and local government laws and regulations.
  • Be safe and responsible by understanding the effects your work might have on the environment and strive to work in harmony with nature and the environment.
  • Encourage fellow employees to be the best they can be by making a difference in our community, country and the world in general.


  • Respect those whom you supervise and never put them or yourself in comprising situations.
  • Always respect the rights and property of others.
  • Respect the opinions and ideas of others and remain patient and positive under any condition.


  • Always be prompt by showing up for work on time.
  • Keep appointments, make only realistic commitments and follow through with the commitments you have made.
  • Be someone others can rely on and look up to through the actions you display at work and in life.


  • Always conduct yourself in a morale and dignified manner.
  • Remember and pay homage to those who came before you and who have sacrificed so much to ensure our freedom.
  • Honor is attained by striving to be fair, just, kind and considerate of others.


  • Be consistent in your beliefs and behavior.
  • Stand fast for what you know to be right and boldly reject that which you know to be wrong.
  • Be truthful and accurate when communicating with others, never be deceptive with your actions.


  • Push yourself to achieve excellence in the work you perform, the products you produce and customer service.
  • Be proud of your job and the company for which you work, promote it vigorously and without complacency.
  • Further your knowledge through seminars, books and classes.